Why Outsource Your Accounting?

Limit Risk
No Comments means no investment in hiring, training, IT or accounting systems.

Improve Expertise
Specialization in accounting results in greater knowledge & experience in the field.

Focus On Core Business
Allocate internal resources to improving revenue & operations.

Cost Savings
Improved efficiencies & economies of scale result in lower cost structure.

Scale up or down without hiring, firing or training.

How Secure is My Data?

Stated Security Policy
We adhere to a strict written security policy.

No Sharing of Data
We do not share data without consent.

Non-Disclosure Agreement
We sign a written agreement not to disclose information.

IT Security Measures
Our technology partners meet or exceed these requirements.

  • US-based companies with strict policies to protect private information.
  • Sarbanes-Oxley / Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act compliant.
  • SAS 70 Type II Certified data centers.
  • Encrypted file storage & transfers with 128-SSL or greater.
  • Secure firewalls & gateways to protect data
  • Regular data backup & server mirroring

Read more on our security measures and policies.

How Do I Get Started?

Get A Quote
Contact us with your needs. We'll provide a quote outlining our services & commitments.

Sign Engagement
Sign our quote authorizing the work.

Orientation Meeting
We review your data & hold a meeting covering the aspects of our engagement. Then we start working on your books!

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Online Bookkeeping Services

Our Online Bookkeeping Services offer small businesses the benefits a professional accounting department without the costs or commitments associated with hiring, training or managing on-site employees. With our fix-priced bookkeeping solutions, you can better control and manage your business while also improving the quality and reliability of financial information.

Do everything that would be done in-house while improving efficiency, reducing costs, and eliminating software and staffing headaches.

  • Record Sales & Customer Payments
  • Invoice Clients
  • Pay & Track Vender Bills
  • Reconcile Accounts
  • Process Payroll
  • Manage Inventory and Projects


Our Online Bookkeeping Solutions are easier than having an on-site bookkeeper. All you need is a computer and either a fax machine or scanner. It’s that simple. Here is how it works.

  1. Gather source documents such as statements (bank, credit card & merchant), invoices, check registers, daily sales records, etc,
  2. Send your source documents via Scan, Fax or Upload Files to our secure Client Portal
  3. We login and organize source documents within your dedicated area of the Client Portal
  4. We process the financial data within QuickBooks and other integrated accounting solutions via remote access or within our hosted environment to complete work.
  5. Controller reviews work, prepares financial statements and conducts client reviews.
  6. Client access management reports and financial statements within the Client Portal.


We start with a core internal team who works with the client to perform the work and develop best practices for the business. We then utilize industry's leading technology partners to provide the right IT solutions to meet the workflow demands. Here's what you get.

  • Dedicated Bookkeeper – To ensure consistency, we assign a dedicated professional bookkeeper to work with you to receive, process and entered financial data into the accounting system.
  • Controller Oversight & Review – To develop best practices and accuracy, an experienced small business controller will manage and review the work preformed by the bookkeeper. The controller works with you to improve and document business process, workflow, controls, and protocols as they relate to the accounting and finances of the business. The controller will prepare financial statements and meet with you on a regular basis to discuss your financials.
  • Secure Client Web Portal – A completely secure, web-based file directory and resource center that can be accessed anywhere, anytime there is an internet connection. All data is encrypted, stored and regularly backup within a Sarbanes-Oxley and Gramm-Leach-Bliley compliant, SAS 70 Type II Certified Datacenter (need more on security, read more).
  • Secure File Exchange: Easy to use OneClick Windows File Uploader that transfers multiple files using a secure 128 to 256-bit file transfer encryption technology with one click.
  • Online Document Management System: Searchable file storage depository where clients can have 24/7 access to their financial data and reports.
  • Online Tax Organizer: A secure, password-protected, online depository designed to store and organize tax data for tax preparation. Give you CPA access and you’ll save countless hours digging through records at tax time.
  • MCG's Small Business Library: Access our small business resources such as: accounting forms; government forms & publications; business articles & resources; QuickBooks Training Materials & Tips; and much more.
  • Online Accounting – Eliminate software & networking headaches while improving reliability and access to staff and trusted advisors. We offer all various versions of QuickBooks from Intuit Online QuickBooks to the traditional desktop versions running cloud computing environment
  • Intuit QB Online: Intuit a less robust version of the QB desktop version that runs in a cloud computing environment: QB Simple Start, Online Essentials and Online Plus. While not the same as the traditional desktop, these online versions are great for some small business and freelancers on a tight budget.
  • Third-Party Hosted QB: Businesses requiring one of the QuickBooks desktop versions can running Pro, Premier or Enterprise within an hosted cloud-computing environment using one of our Intuit Solution Provider partners.
  • Integrated Online Bill Pay – Reduce A/P costs while gaining Invoice Approval Processing, Audit Trail, and 24/7 Access to Payments Transactions.
  • Pay Vender via e-checks or paper checks: Pay your large venders using e-check payments, over 1,000 national venders in the system. Pay your small venders with checks mailed out from our processing center
  • Multiple Approval Process: Setup approval lists and authorization /protocol for paying your venders
  • Fully Integrated with Your QuickBooks File: No need to re-entry your A/P data into your accounting file, the A/P data is synchronized with your accounting file.
  • 24 / 7 Access to AP Reports
  • Online Payroll – With our Assisted Online Payroll, we take care of all your payroll processing needs from running payroll to file returns. Best of all, you have access to all your payroll information online and the ability to electronically file and pay your payroll taxes. Read More